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Dinosaur Alley

Grow me some feathers, teach me to fly~

Janellasaurus rex
21 April
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So I like to write, and to draw, and occasionally, to sculpt. I've got more ideas than I can usually shake a stick at, but rarely enough time or motivation to ever do anything with them. This is where this comes in. I hope.

Pertinent Links to Janella-stuff
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New FFN account: J. K. Baduini
Fictionpress.com Account: J. K. Baduini
Writing Journal: therizinosaur @ DW
Independent Archive Site: Visions of Ethereality
DeviantArt Account: IStillLikeDinosaurs
My Xanga (for real-life stuff): ChildOfTheInvader
The Headvoices' LJ: Separate Sentiences

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The above is courtesy my good friend metachi!

OMG, check this thing out:


my pet!

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