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Installment 5: International DomesticityCollapse )

More pictures from our culinary adventures (including a cute dog!) and of the villa can be found here!
While they took up the bulk of our trip, Johnson's Shut-Ins were most definitely not the only thing we visited on our sojourn down to Southern Missouri. I would have posted about our other adventures in the main post, but it was getting long enough as it was, I thought.

So I've compiled them here. Should any of you get struck with the urge to follow in our footsteps, here are a few more awesome things to do!

Elephant Rocks State parkCollapse )

Pilot KnobCollapse )

Taum Sauk PointCollapse )

More pictures of the Elephant Rocks can be found here! Alas, I do not have pictures of anything else, but there are lots of handy links in the post, if you are interested?
I know, I know, I have a billion entries on Italy that I have to post yet. Bear with me; those are coming. However, those are also already typed and saved away, and I didn't keep a travelogue for this trip, so I want to get this out of the way before I forget it.

So I went on a mini-trip last week. Sae, her roommate Hillary, and I all piled in the car and drove on down to southern Missouri to revisit a bit of Sae's childhood: Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park. Now, I knew I was going to enjoy it--it's rocks, water, and nature, there was no way I couldn't--but I did not expect to have as wonderful a time as I did.

This place is amazing. If you like geology, rocks, hiking, swimming, and/or potentially dangerous stunts, in any combination, this is the place for you.

Allow me to show you why.Collapse )

More information on this awesome place can be found here. There are more photos available here.

Sep. 28th, 2010

I am in St. Louis! Or, well, in the vicinity of St. Louis, staying in the room Sae rents. I have a kitty in my lap. It's awesome. They also have a rat here, which I am excited about, but also sad. I still miss Pepper.

I am feeling sort of dead, so please excuse the stilted failitude of this entry.
I finally finished typing up my travelogue for Italy. It weighs in at nearly 12,500 words. I am proud of me.

Now I just need to post the rest of it.


I wrote 775 words this morning when I woke up. It was pretty much nonsense, but I wrote it.

I'm going to try to write at least 750 every day.

It seems like a good habit to get into.

That is all.
So I was in my room, busily packing for a trip, when I hear a sound remarkably like someone clearing his throat behind me. I turn, and who should I find but Mirage.

Who proceeded to remind me that sometimes, I can be a giant jerk.Collapse )

Originally posted on Dreamwidth. Head over there and follow the tags to find more!
Who: Me, your lovely little roadside corn peddler
What: Idiot customers who lack common sense, and exhibit other sucky behaviors
Where: At a truck on the side of the highway

So I work selling sweet corn at the side of the road. The spot where we're parking my particular truck this summer is unique in that it has parking. Ample parking. There is even a lot. This is astonishing!

So why, why, dear customers, do you insist on doing STUPID things with your vehicles when parking to peruse and perhaps purchase my wares?!

Allow my to demonstrate.Collapse )

TL;DR: Customers are stupid, rude, entitled, confusing, and creepy. What else is new? Grrrrrrrr.

[ITALY TRAVELOGUE] 7/11, Radicofani

Installment 3: FORTRESS OF LARPCollapse )

Post-script: An info sheet on the fortress that they gave me in the souvenir sheet revealed that Ghino di Tacco was an Italian Robin-Hood style robber baron, who stole the fortress from the Pope at some point in its history. Neat, huh?

More pictures of the fortress and assorted things can be found here!

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