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Ficbits, Lucinda and Matthew

Lucinda's been bugging the hell out of me lately, so I decided to try and exorcise her a little. Best way to do that? Fic. This is just short little blots of words; I'm just playing.

Nicked a prompts table from ships50 for inspiration. These are Lucinda/Matthew. If I actually managed to do more than two or three, I might post the table to keep track. As it is, enjoy some ficbits.

Prompt: 09. My Name Is...
Word Count: 218
Rating: G


He stared at her from the kitchen, fascinated, unable to look away. She was huge in his eyes, dignified and beautiful, and in the moments he looked, she occupied the entirety of his mind, spinning her way through and settling herself in. He was sure, if she left now and he never saw her again, he would never forget her pert, sun-tanned face, her big, gold-brown eyes, her dark, slicked-back hair. He would never forget the corded muscles of her arms, the definition of her shoulders, the tan and brown arches of her wings rising above and behind her.

He would have been happy to watch her from the kitchen, to let her eat and pass away, going on to whatever business she may have had. He would have been happy to hold that memory, to allow it to thrill him when he tired of thinking about all the normal, human faces that surrounded him. He would have been happy just to have had a glimpse of her.

But Rick got behind him, and shoved between his wings, and Maria was pulling his hands, and both were chanting, “Talk to her, talk to her, talk to her.” So Matthew ducked out of the kitchen and around the counter, and gingerly settled himself behind her.

And he introduced himself.


Prompt: 17. Regret
Word Count: 143
Rating: PG


Lucinda wondered if he ever regretted it. He’d had a home, a life, a family, and now he had…her.

And the sky.

Lucinda didn’t think anyone could regret the sky, but she’d been denied it for so long when she was a kid. Not discouraged from it, not hinted and sneaked and snuck into denying it herself like he had been, but flat out denied it. That had only made her covet it, and she relished every moment she spent with her wings spread to the wind.

But that was her. She knew it had been different for Matthew. They had made him clip his own wings, but in response he had had a home, a job, a family, friends. He had had a life.

Now he had the sky, and he had Lucinda, and…what else? His regrets?

She was afraid to ask.


Prompt: 47. Silver
Word Count: 215
Rating: G


She couldn’t sleep. Lucinda tossed and turned, hating that she felt the need, trying not to wake Matthew. Finally she gave up, and skinned the blankets away, sliding out of bed and to her feet.

They’d been here too long. It was why she couldn’t sleep—she hated being in one place for too long, hated seeing the same four walls over and over, every day. It made her nervous, made her restless, made her—corny as it was to even think it—flighty.

She knew Matthew liked being in one place, though, and that was the problem. He liked getting to know a town, staying there long enough to start to recognize people and places. He’d never been as consumed with wanderlust as she was; she was starting to doubt he’d ever even been touched by it at all. He came because he was following her. He was doing it for her.

She flipped a chair around and sat, letting her tail and wings drape off the seat. She stared at him, his white face silver in the moonlight, cut by the dark tracks of his mask-and-moustache. He looked so serene.

Hmph. She would stay, for a few days more, as many as she could stand. For him. She would do it for him.


More to come, probably. XD;
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