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Title: No Other Choice
Fandom: Transformers
Rating: Low.
Summary: Blackout is emo reflects on his orders, and the state of his symbiont.
Word Count: 328
Disclaimer: I didn't build this sandbox, I'm just playing in it.
A/N: DDD-canon-based. We actually had a Scorponok for a while, but the character's been MIA. This distresses Blackout. I have no idea whether this even makes sense or not--it just kinda...got...written. -.-;


Relocate. Refuel. Rest. Relocate. Refuel. Rest.

The routine was simple, mindlessly repetitive, and one that took up far too little of his available processing power. What was there to engage him, tucked against spires of rock or sitting among wrecks in some military salvage yard? What was there to do other than monitoring the comm lines, listening for orders?

Even that bizarre nexus online linking disparate worlds could only hold his interest for so long. It was symptomatic of how terminally bored he was, that he allowed himself to log on even after the restoration of his legitimate communications equipment. Better to lower himself to interacting digitally with inferiors, though, than engaging them in the real world. In the real world there could be casualties, repercussions.

He was getting pinged. The silence from his drone had lasted for cycles, but now he was getting pinged, regularly, consistently. It was simultaneously a relief and another thing he refused to dwell on too extensively. It meant Scorponok was alive, somewhere out there, still under the sand halfway across this dirty little planet. It also meant that he was still damaged, and probability dictated that he was only minimally operational. The ping was a failsafe, designed to kick in only when the drone unit was severely incapacitated, so that its master could recover it for repairs--he'd be getting transmissions if Scorponok were capable.

Unfortunately, this particular drone's master was under orders that kept him here, pinned on this continent. Blackout wasn't free to retrieve Scorponok. It was singularly frustrating, and every cycle that ticked by only registered to him as another chunk of time he could have used in recovering his symbiont.

He had his orders, however, and he would not break them. If Lord Megatron wanted him here, here he would stay, until told otherwise. There was reason behind his lord's plans, and if he didn't understand it, he would at least trust it.

There was no other choice.

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