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Copypasta magic! (Fic: Always)

Another response to the WTF Pairings Challenge. It's all for you, artoni!

Title: Always
Rating: PG-13, for implications
Pairing: Heavily--like, baseball bat to the back of the head heavily--implied Ironhide/Blackout
Summary: Ironhide, on Earth, remembers Halcyon times on Cybertron.
Word Count: 294
Disclaimer: Not mine not mine not mine.
A/N: If you'd said to me yesterday that I'd ever, in any way, write Ironhide/Blackout, I'd have laughed, hard, and then started looking for your delicious, delicious drugs. How things change. XD Very short, very unpolished. Enjoy!


It had been a long time ago.

Millennia had passed, it felt, since then, since the time when Blackout had just been Blackout and Ironhide just Ironhide, and Autobot and Decepticon were nothing more than meaningless collections of syllables.

They’d met in Academy, both students of the same ostracized profession. Warriors before there were even whispers of war, they were arms specialists, pursuing a passion that their peaceful civilization saw no need for.

When one’s chosen field is that small, it’s easy to become attached to one’s colleagues.

He would always remember the time in his life, before it all went to hell, when Blackout had been the most important thing to him on all Cybertron. He would always remember the projects they’d work on together, the classes they’d shared. He’d remember the other mechs they’d both periodically pursued…and how easy it was to find solace in each other when it failed to work out. He’d remember their fights and their celebrations, their successes, and their often spectacular failures. He’d remember the rough, frenetic link-ups, the stolen moments when it looked like they were fighting and felt like something wholly different. He would remember the far rarer—and far more precious—moments of tenderness.

Above all that, though, he’d remember one thing, the most important thing Blackout had ever taught him: The only thing you could ever, ever trust in life was your guns.

Ironhide stared down at the twisted hulk on the slab, waiting to be packed up for disposal with the rest, for his consignment into the depths of the human sea. One hand lifted, as if to stroke the charred face; it clenched into a fist and dropped again. He turned and walked away.

It had been a long time ago.


C&P'd from the premiere post on tf2007fun. Can I reiterate the fact that I never ever ever thought I'd write Ironhide/Blackout? Because I totally never thought I'd write Ironhide/Blackout.
Tags: art, crackfic, fanfic, transformers
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